FYFYA WOTO is a young Anlo (Ghanaian) woman hungry to be loved. Caught in a compromising situation with her Caucasian lover in a time of slavery and divide, she is brought before a tribunal at which she must save not only herself but also her lover. The EP delves into matters related to family, tradition, duty, love, freedom, slavery and of course gossip but most importantly it highlights a woman's right to choose even at the high cost of losing both life and freedom. 

Recorded in MillFactory studios in Copenhagen, Denmark and co-produced with artist Jonas Rendbo. 

"Be open to facing the dark aspects of self. Immerse yourself deeply in your fears and hesitations. Get to know them at the root. Face your discomfort and cuddle it in deep embrace. Bond and Overcome. Make it all familiar so you no longer fear the unknown but instead you fight, daily and with vigor for the things in which you believe." - Jojo Abot

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